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Guide to the Best Family Beaches in the United States

Beaches have always been a hot favorite as vacation spots. If you need an escape from their daily tasks in the gusting waters in the ocean provides a perfect sight to sooth the ……

Searching for the Perfect Surfing Beach

It was the quest of the cult classic “The Endless Summer”: the search for the perfect surfing beach. In 1966, when globe trotting was merely a dream for most, this documentary of surfer boys and their boards roaming the world to find a surfer’s paradise was the way most young North Americans could leave their local public beach to experience foreign waves……….

Sun and Sand -Beach Vacation on America’s West Coast

Since the beach movies of the early Fifties, teenaged boys have gravitated to the left coast, waxing surfboards and strumming their guitars around the campfire. For their part, girls have followed, bikinis hiding less and less as they turn themselves a golden brown as they watch their surfer boys take to the waves.

Packing for your Beach Holiday

You’ve cut the picture out of the brochure and stuck it on the fridge. The airline tickets have been purchased and the hotel booked. You’re all set for your beach holiday. All you need to do now is pack your bags, but where to begin?

The following is a short checklist with a few things to think about as you get your suitcase ready for some fun in the sun.

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