Volunteer Beach Vacation – Hawaii

You’re dreaming of paradise, maybe not work, so the notion of Hawaii voluntourism just might not have crept into your face.

Volunteer vacations are becoming more popular on a regular basis. There appears to be increasingly more of an increased exposure of getting back once again to volunteering. The travel industry has responded and even coined that new term… voluntourism. However when you’re on holiday? Maybe you don’t want to stop that valued time off just to work somewhere else.

Some individuals get recharged by spending a fortnight volunteering in a remote location… others simply need to lay on the beach with no worries. Hawaii virtually qualifies as a great place to go and just “veg out” on a beach.

Imagine if you could have your beach time and volunteer too during your vacation? We read a public service ad recently in National Geographic Traveler that we now have a few companies in Hawaii that will use your own time for a day… if not just half a day. You can probably find something in your favorite island.

The Maui Coastal Land Trust has work days at an island refuge. On Friday mornings plus some Saturday mornings, you can help pull invasive weeds.

On Kauai, it is possible to take part in beach clean up days organized by Surfrider Kauai. This might run you less than two hours of your vacation time.

On the “Big Island”… that might be the Island of Hawaii, it is possible to volunteer in a garden. The Amy Greenwell Garden may be worth a trip by itself. It’s on the Kona side of the island, and it is a botanical garden that has endemic and native plants as well as plants that were introduced by early Polynesian settlers. It’s run by the Bishop Museum, and they’re going to let you help with the gardening or such things as propagating plants.

On Oahu, you may get away from Waikiki for just a couple of hours by contacting ‘Ahahui Malama I Ka Lokahi… that’s a business of “Hawaiians for the Conservation of Indigenous Ecosystems”. They will have “service projects” every Saturday morning from 8: 30 to 12: 30.

There are Hawaii voluntourism opportunities on the less touristed islands too. On Lanai you might help you for a day at the Lanai Culture and Heritage Center. On Molokai you might help clear invasive mangroves.

You will find out about more opportunities at a website called Preserve Hawaii. This can be a great place to find out about more Hawaii voluntourism projects you can participate in. For many of these, you ought to plan ahead and contact the corporation beforehand if you’d like to help them from your vacation.

So proceed, get in touch with one of these brilliant or other companies. Participate in Hawaii voluntourism. You could have your little slice of paradise and help preserve it too!


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